Company Profile

Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd is an established aquascapes construction, commercial water features, swimming pool and water treatment design company based in Malaysia. Established in Malaysia in 1987, Waterlink, previously known as Aquatic Pools Services, had its humble beginnings as a construction company focusing solely on commercial water features and specialized water treatment projects. As we grew in strength, Aquatic Pools began to widen their range of services to designing, construction, maintenance and consultancy. In view of this change in direction, Aquatic Pools officially changed its company name to Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd in 6th August 1998.

Today, Waterlink is a trusted construction company known to many for their exquisite design and detailed workmanship in water feature and swimming pool construction. Waterlink’s success is accredited to the grand visions of its founder, Mr. Charles Tay Peck Hwa, whose accumulated experience and industry knowledge of more than 27 years in undertaking design, consultancy, maintenance and construction of swimming pools, commercial water features, recreational water park, Aquatic Life Support System for marine or fresh water exhibits, aquascapes and specialized water treatment projects have shaped the company to what it is today. Our services are much sought after by private property owners, commercial customers and vacation resorts in Malaysia.

Our major products in Malaysia include filtration equipment and accessories for aquascapes, commercial water features, swimming pool and spa water features. Other than our own brand of equipment and accessories under the Waterlink name, we carry other major brands such as Pentair, Speck Pumpen, AIS, Astral and Aquacal. We also export our products to many countries, mainly to Australia, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Indonesia and the Maldives.

Here at Waterlink we believe in the merits of superior customer service. Our integrated operations, together with our highly trained and qualified staff force enable us to continuously improve our products features and quality and efficiently attend to specific client requirements for custom projects. We go to great lengths to make sure that our customers satisfied.

Apart from our swimming pool, spa and water features construction work, we have also undertaken major projects for marine parks like the Busan Underwater World (Korea), Cheng Feng Aquarium (Shanghai, China), Aqua Beat (Langkawi) and Langkawi Under Water World Phase#2 (Langkawi), Legoland Theme Park, Legoland Water Park which has helped cement our name in the international water feature and swimming pool construction industry. Our highly acclaimed technical expertise has also enabled us to secure industrial water treatment projects from various established industries, both foreign and local.

Our vision in this new millennium is to continue to provide the best applicable technical expertise and to offer the most efficient service to our valued clients. If you are looking for an established aquascapes, commercial water features, swimming pool and spa water features design and construction company based in Malaysia, please contact us or send us an email and we will attend to your needs and wants as soon as we can.



  • Commercial Water Features
  • Swimming Pool Design and Aquascapes Construction
  • Fountain and Spa Water Features
  • Aquatic Life Support System for Marine & Fresh Water Exhibit
  • Recreational Water Park
  • Fresh Water Fish Pond and Lake Management
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