Formerly Aquatic Pools Services, which began operations in 1987 as a builder of commercial water features and water treatment systems, Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd came into existence in 1998. Ever since, we have been engineering and delivering world-class solutions for water facilities across the board in an innovative, cost-effective and reliable manner.

The company was founded by Dato’ Charles Tay, an industry pioneer with a wealth of expertise and decades of experience in the design, consultancy, construction and maintenance of water features, swimming pools, life support systems (LSS), theme parks, water parks and water treatment systems.

Under his leadership, Waterlink has acquired proven and tested technologies, developed a fully integrated operation and built a committed and capable team to take on a wide range of projects, from the functional and operational to the artistic and aesthetic.

Today, we offer comprehensive services covering design, construction, maintenance and consultancy for aquatic facilities, oceanariums, water features, bio lakes, life support systems (LSS), filtration systems, swimming pools and water theme parks, which have a positive impact on people’s daily lives and wellbeing.

Our solutions answer diversified needs of the private, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Over the years, we have proven our capability in successful completion of projects that present challenges in terms of time, scale and technicality.

Among the projects we have completed are “Busan Underwater World (Korea)”, “Cheng Feng Aquarium (Shanghai, China)”, Aqua Beat (Langkawi)”, “Langkawi Under Water World Phase#2 (Langkawi)”, “Guian Theme Park (Fuzhou, China)”, “Legoland Theme Park (Johor Bahru)”, “Legoland Waterpark (Johor Bahru)”, “Flintstone Beach House (Mersing, Johor)” and “Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark (Johor)”.

Our highly acclaimed technical expertise also enables us to secure industrial water treatment projects from both local and foreign long-established industries, such as “Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah” and “Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios Filming Tank in Nusajaya, Johor”.



We aspire to perfect the ways in which recreation, relaxation and rejuvenation is achieved for human well being, now and into the future.


We are committed to developing intelligent and sustainable solutions for water facilities to enhance the quality of our daily lives.


Water is a vital source of life, and a precious resource in today’s world.

At Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd, we take pride in unlocking the potential of water in ways as inspiring as they are efficient and sustainable.It is about putting technologies, expertise and equipment together in smart and practical solutions that enhance the quality of our daily lives.

Be it through recreational facilities, relaxing environment, a conducive educational platform or resource regeneration and management, we create ideas, knowledge and technologies working towards our vision in promoting human wellbeing, and in turn, building a better world.

Technological innovations in engineering, computer software, material science and manufacturing have enabled us to come up with revolutionary concepts, and new ways in realising them. We are committed to meeting challenges posed by complex technical issues, fast-changing customers’ demands, and evolving needs of our time.

We are indeed honoured by the confidence and trust placed in us — a driving force that makes us work even harder to keep ahead of the trends and solutions that can bring exceptional value to our customers.

This commitment of ours will not be met without the staunch support of our business partners, who have chosen us as their most trusted authorised dealers and installers of world-class and state-of-the-art equipment, products and systems.

Moving forward, we will continue to make efforts guided by a firm belief in creating the best possible impact with water for the celebration of life.


Dato’ Charles Tay
Managing Director


Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd reckons that as the Company’s business grows, one way to forge ahead and stay at the forefront is to build strategic partnership with companies that not only complement what Waterlink Technologies does, but also share the Company’s vision and passion.

One such business ally of Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd is Australian Aquatica, an Australia-based company specialising in the design, building and maintenance of aquariums and other aquatic facilities. Commissioned by clients from all over the world, Australian Aquatica is synonymous with innovative concepts, efficient construction, superb cost-saving, professional management and on-time delivery. These business attributes certainly match up to Waterlink Technologies’ own.

Australian Aquatica is an invaluable source of expertise, which complements that of Waterlink Technologies. The Australian company’s diverse pool of professionals has a combined experience of more than 80 years in producing and managing aquatic facilities. Its extensive track record of international projects, past and current, shows that the company has managed to adapt ideas that bridge cultural and age gaps, creating and constructing unique, impressive, educational, enjoyable, living, animatronic, audio-visual, interactive and diorama-styled exhibitory encapsulated in beautifully-designed, all-weather, environmentally friendly and safe aquatic facilities.

Australian Aquatica works closely with the architects to develop individual facilities, tailor-made to suit existing buildings or brand new projects. Its complete range of services covers all aspects of production, be it conceptualization or turnkey completion with on-going facility management and operations. Teaming up with Australian Aquatica, Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd is able to expand possibilities for our clients.

Fast recognised as a world leader in the field of aquatic facilities, Australian Acquatica has a long-term working relationship with Waterlink Technologies Sdn Bhd for project collaboration.


  • We will continue to invest in systems, equipment, people and time in order to realise new ideas, answer changing needs and keeping abreast of emerging trends.
  • We will continue to provide industry-leading technical expertise, and expand the breadth and depth of our services.
  • We will ensure customer’s satisfaction by working closely with our customers to provide quality consultancy and proposals.